Our Facilities


If you are bored of the routine exercises, then we have the most entertaining workout for you. Now you can dance your way to fitness by enrolling in our Zumba classes


Yoga is not an exercise but an art of living, whose benefits have even taken the West by storm. Practicing yoga helps one to destress, stay in shape and keep calm. Feel rejuvenated and relaxed by enrolling in our yoga programme


Now a craze among the stars, Pilates help improve flexibility, builds strength and also develops control and endurance. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core and also improves coordination and balance.


They say that abs are made in kitchen therefore to get that awe-inspiring body you have to eat a balanced diet too, as just exercising won't give you 100 per cent results. To make things easy for you we have our in-house nutritionists, who will take care of it and provide you with a custom made diet chart according to your body type.


Separate steam rooms for men and women are available complimentary for members. There are adequate lockers for members to keep their belongings while they are in the gym. Members will also be provided with towels and hair dryers at the gym.


Patrons need not worry about parking space as our valet team will always be there at their service.


Chill out with your gym buddies and replenish yourself with coffee, healthy snacks, dietary supplements & booster drinks after sweating it out.

Free-Weight Area

A section of the gym is dedicated to the free weight area, which exudes raw energy and is a haven of sorts for bodybuilders.